5 Types of Leg Exercise Machines

leg machine

Image from designmyworkout.com

There are various types of leg machines that one can use to carry out leg exercises. Here we shall be focusing on five specific types. Although all of these machines are beneficial and will help you to carry out various types of leg exercises, it is not a must to make use of them to do exercises.

1. Leg Extension Machine

This type of machine focuses on your upper leg. Most leg expansion machines look similar and operate in generally the same way. The leg extension exercise is a work out that focuses on your quads, the muscle tissue on the top side of your upper leg. The leg extension firms your quads and is thus one of the most popular leg exercise machines.

2. Leg Curl Machine

This type of machine is used in an exercise that involves bending the lower leg against a level of resistance towards the butt. This type of exercise targets your hamstring muscle tissue, which is the muscle tissue on the back of your upper leg. These muscles are attached to your thigh bone and the bones of your lower leg. These are referred to as the fibula and tibia. They are accountable for flexing your combined joint. This leg curl exercise is conducted while relaxing face down on a flat surface, by increasing the weight. This is one of the easiest but most effective forms of exercise, and as a result the leg curl machine is one of the most popular types of leg machines.

3. The Vertical Leg Press Machine

This machine provides an amazing foundation for other leg muscle exercises. This is essentially done through separated lower body exercises. The Vertical leg press will help exercise the muscle tissue of your hip, legs and butt. You lie on your back with the body weight above you. The machine is lightweight and suitable for in-home use. One of the very best workout equipment for sculpting and firming your legs is this vertical leg press machine.

4. The Horizontal Leg Press machine

This type of machine is one of the most common types of leg exercise machines, and in fact one will usually find one or more of it in fitness centers. The severity of the exercise will depend on the amount of resistance that one would have to exert, and this is related to the weight and number of weights that are attached. The function of the exercise carried out by the horizontal leg press machine involves extending one’s legs outwards and then back towards the chest. This machine will help you exercise various muscles in your lower body. One of the benefits of making use of this machine is for general muscle strengthening.

5. Seated Calf Machine

This is a machine that will help you firm up your calves. This leg workout machine allows you to develop your calves’ tendon. Furthermore, the seated calf machine allows people who have back problems to work their calf muscle tissue in a chair.