Leg Exercises for Men

leg exercise

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Leg exercises for men ensure that the legs have enough strength to carry the upper part of the body and do not look skinny in comparison. These leg exercises are also needed because there is no other way to keep muscles toned. Today, we do not walk much, we do not run much, nor do we climb the stairs as much, because we have motorized vehicles or elevators for everything. Many workplaces also make us spend hours sitting at desks.

Therefore, our muscles shrivel up, and become useless after some time. They can then tear more easily forcing us into a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn can lead to obesity and other health complications. To prevent permanent damage to leg muscles, it is better to do some leg exercises regularly.

Leg exercise options

The options include leg exercises with weights, and leg exercises without weights. Usually it is not possible to exercise with weights because the required equipment may not be available at home and the person may have to go to a gym, for which it is necessary to spare time. Going to gym also means travelling, which can be a tedious thing to do before or after work, especially in heavy traffic. People tend to avoid exercise using these excuses, and because they do not realize the gravity of the situation.

Luckily, there are ample leg exercises at home. The muscles on human legs include quads, hips, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. Each one of these muscles requires different types of exercises and they need to be done regularly but in moderation.

Best leg exercises for men

Five of the best leg workouts for men include squatting, climbing stairs, wall sits, calf stretches, and front lunges. All these are good leg exercises which can be done at home.

1. Squatting

Squatting is ideal for the thighs as well as the calves. The person’s feet are placed together just as if the he was sitting on a chair. The hips are then taken down without actually resting them on the floor, as if the chair were removed. The knees are held together with the help of the arms’ strength. Of course, the person would have to bend forward slightly to maintain the balance.

2. Climbing stairs

A similar effect is achieved on the thighs while climbing the stairs, though not while getting down. Nevertheless, it helps to climb up and down two to three flights of stairs, four to five times each day. Many cardiologists also recommend this and one should not use elevators if possible.

3. Wall sits

Another best leg exercises for men is wall sits. The wall sits were once used as a form of punishment. They are a great way to exercise thighs. Here, the man has to stand straight against the wall and try to slide down till a position similar to sitting on a chair, but without actually having a chair, is achieved.

4. Calf stretches

For calf stretches, the person can try sitting on the floor with legs stretched straight in front. Two ends of a towel are held with two hands across one foot. The hands try to pull the foot towards the body, while the calves try to push the towel away.

5. Front Lunges

In front lunges, at first both legs are together. Then a large stride is taken by one leg. This leg in the front is then bent at the knee such that it forms a 90 degree angle at the knee joint. Now the person should try to touch the knee of the leg behind on to the floor.

One can choose leg exercises for men without weights or with weights. The number of times such exercises are done should be increased gradually, but one should try to do them regularly.